Creative Hopscotch

An active, icebreaker game for junior youth and small groups

How To Play Creative Hopscotch

Materials Needed


To play hopscotch, players must hop and jump along a hopscotch course. Usually a course consists of single or double squares, each with a number in them. If the square is a single square, you must hop in it. If it is two side-by-side squares, you can jump with one foot in each at the same time. A player will throw a rock (or object) into a square and then they must hop/jump through the course without touching the square with the rock in it. Once they get to the end, they can turn around and hop/jump back and pick up the rock on their way back.

Creative hopscotch keeps the standard elements of hopscotch but allows you to mix them up a little bit. Use chalk to draw your own course while could include:
- different shape or sized squares
- different order for numbers
- squares may include extra actions for player to complete when landing on them (ie. clap or say something)

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on 7 June 2020

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