Crazy Quoits

An active, icebreaker, sports game for small groups

How To Play Crazy Quoits

Materials Needed

quoit rings (plastic, rope or home-made)
quoit sticks (plastic, wooden or home-made)

To play this game you'll need to get some quoits - ideally plastic ones (as they are lighter to throw) but rope quoits would be ok also. If you don't want to buy quoits, you could make your own by rolling up newspaper and wrapping it with sticky tape - that will work well and will add to the "craziness" of the game.

You'll also need some quoit sticks. Again, these can be plastic, wooden or home-made (using toilet paper rolls, or anything with a similar shape).

To set this game up, you'll need to decide on a throwing line and then place a number of quoit sticks around the room. Make it as "crazy" as possible by placing quoit sticks in tricky places - maybe stick them to the wall or place them on top of cupboards. Some should be easy but others should be quite challenging.

To play the game, players will take it in turns to throw the quoits onto the quoit stick of their choice from the throwing line. The game can be played in two ways:

POINTS - Assign a point value to each quoit stick depending on difficulty and give players an equal number of throws to earn the most points possible, or a point value that players need to reach to win.

RACE - Assign an order to the quoit sticks and players need to take it in turns to successfully throw a ring onto each stick in order. First one to finish all targets would be the winner.

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