Crazy Pong

An active sports game for large groups

How To Play Crazy Pong

Materials Needed

Ping-pong table
1 paddle per player
Hard floor

Number off 1 through however many player you have
Player 1 serves a legal ping-pong serve to Player 2
Player 2 allows the ball to hit the floor before hitting it back onto the table (it doesn't matter where it hits or how many times it bounces as long as it hits the table, it doesn't even have to go over the net)
Player 3 waits for the ball to hit the ground before hitting it back onto the table
So on and so forth ad infinitim

If you: Miss the ball, let it hit the ground more than once, go out of turn, fail to hit the table, get in the way of someone trying to hit the ball, or are pegged with the ball by someone else on their turn you get a point.

When you get a point you serve to the person following you and play continues.

5 points and you are out. When a player is out the player preceding them serves to the person following them and play continues as normal.
You continue to play until all but one player is out.

Advanced: If it is not your turn to hit the ball you can fan the ball with your paddle or blow on the ball to make it change direction and make it more difficult for another player to hit it, just remember if you make it impossible for them to hit the ball (i.e. you are physically in their way) you get the point, and if they peg you with the ball you get a point

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