Cheeseball Chuck-up

A team-building food duel game for large groups

How To Play Cheeseball Chuck-up

Materials Needed

Peanut butter (chunky), cheeseballs, bowls, tarp

Divide your group into 4 teams. Select 1 player from each team to be the "target".

Get a few teammates to help spread peanut butter over the target's face - make sure they spread it on real thick, but keep it away from eyes and hair.

When the targets are ready, the timer starts and the rest of the team has to try to stick as many cheeseballs onto the peanut butter as they can by throwing them from a designated line. The target with the most cheeseballs on their face at the end of the game wins!

(It's good idea to do this game outside, if weather permits, or to use a tarp or some kind of sheet underneath the target players.)

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on 27 September 2007


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I've used whipped cream but it ends up melting off their face. We're going to use shaving cream next time. Get Barbasol and it's cheaper than whipped cream! :) We'll be using swimming goggles so no one gets soap in their eyes though!

Posted by Jessica D 12 years ago

We have used marshmallow fluff instead of peanut butter because of allergies. Works great!

Posted by Josh W 12 years ago

This is the number one requested game @ our annual messy olympics games. We have played it with peanut butter and M & M's and with coolwhip n cheese balls. Peanut butter works best because it doesn't melt in hot weather as fast!

Posted by Taunya 12 years ago

Shaving Foam as a beard and wotisis is good also

Posted by 12 years ago

We used cool whip and cheese balls

Posted by julia 13 years ago

Would cool whip work?

Posted by Josh Hearrin 13 years ago

Hey Thanks Shorty! I'll Try that !

Posted by Michelle Jones 13 years ago

You could try honey - I've seen it done with that before. Very, very sticky though!

Posted by Shorty 13 years ago

Hi, I have a few students in my youth group who are illergic to Peanut, which means they cannot go near peanut butter. will there be an alternative for this?

Posted by Michelle Jones 13 years ago

This sounds perfect thanks!

Posted by Jen 13 years ago

I played it with shaving cream and cheetos. That was fun

Posted by Martha 14 years ago

I played this with teenagers in 4 teams of 2 using skittles instead of cheese balls. The crowd loved it!!!

Posted by anon 14 years ago

strange...very strange. Who would want to play this?

Posted by sally 14 years ago
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