A wide sports no prep game

How To Play Chaotica

Materials Needed

-Football or other general ball

* you can use goals, flags that go on your waist, or whatever else you have!

1. Make two even teams
2. Set up two to four goals (trees, cones, soccer goals, buckets)
3. The teams pass a ball around; when they have three (or whatever number you decide) consecutive passes, they are allowed to try and score on any one of the goals. Most points wins!

-two-hand touch and ball switches to the other team
-multiple balls in play
-goals are worth different points
-use a frisbee instead of a ball
-the ball has to be put into play by a designated thrower
-have three or four teams
-use flag football flags as tagging
-any random rule you come up with!
-eg. no unloving tackles - they can't tackle each other unless they hug or say a compliment after

Have fun!

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on 30 August 2021

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