Chalk Targets

An active, icebreaker, duel game for junior youth

How To Play Chalk Targets

Materials Needed


Find a good area of concrete or sidewalk path where you will be able to play chalk targets. You'll ideally need a 3m x 3m area to draw the targets. Use chalk to draw a set of targets with point values in each one. It could be concentric circles, like a bullseye target, with the highest points in the middle, getting lower for each larger circle. Or it could be any number of different sized circles/shapes drawn randomly in the target area.

This game can be played individually or in teams. Players will need to take it in turns to throw a beanbag (from the throwing line) to land on the targets. They'll receive the number of points from the area their beanbags lands. Make sure you give each team/player the same number of throws and then see who has the highest score.

Use two or three different throwing lines. The first one is normal points. The second one, which will be further back, can be double points. The third one, which is further back from the targets again, can be triple points. This allows players to take a risk to earn more points.

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