Capture the End Zone

An active wide sports game for large groups

How To Play Capture the End Zone

Materials Needed

1. Flags & Belts for every person on the field (from Flag Football - or you can use long rags and stick them in their pockets)

2. (2) Footballs

3. A field or gym at least 50' wide x 80' long

The object of this game is the first team to score. You will need to play several rounds to determine an overall winner.

How to Setup - Mark off an even rectangular football field with 2 End Zones. Every student gets a belt & flags to have on their side. The ideal number to have is 10 on 10 but it can vary. (We did 16 vs 16 & it was kind of crowded.) One team lines up on the edge of one end zone and the other team lines up on the edge of the other end zone. Each team gets a football.

Here's How to Play - A Referee that is running the game says "Go!". Both teams try to score with their ball on the opposing team's end zone. If a student's flag is pulled, they need to sit down immediately where they're at. (Anyone can pull anyone's flag) Once they sit down, they can still pull flags without moving from that place. If the ball carrier's flag is pulled, the ball is dropped in place and anyone still in play can pick it up. (We had students try to pitch it to their team mate after their flag is pulled - That is cheating) If a pass is dropped or a fumble occurs, anyone in play can pick it up and run with it. (Your team ball may not always be yours. Sometimes, one team will have both balls trying to score) The game ends when one team scores. If someone runs out of bounds with a ball or to avoid getting their flag pulled, they are out and should sit down just in bounds where they went out at. (Of course, sometimes students will need to get a ball that goes out of bounds, they need to re-enter where the ball went out)

This game was a lot of fun & they didn't want to stop playing it. If you have a lot of students (30+) I would suggest doing a girl's round separate (because the boys tend to be ball hogs).

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on 3 October 2012
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It sounds like a brilliant game, but the comment at the end about separating the boys and girls is a bit unnecessary as girls can also be ball-hoggers but I do understand that it wasn't meant to be offensive. Just think about what you say next.Kind regards, Karen Philligan

Posted by Karen 4 years ago
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