Bobbing for Apple-Mallows

A food game

How To Play Bobbing for Apple-Mallows

Materials Needed

two large containers or buckets, water, apples, marshmallows

I made this game up and my youth love it more than anything. You run this like a relay race (2-4 teams). One person at a time from each team runs to the bucket of water with apples in it and bobs for it the classic way. Once he retrieves it however, he must bob in the next bucket of flour, for a marshmallow, with a soaked face. The water acts like glue in the have a camera ready!

Added by
Mark Nickerson
on 14 October 2009


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Instead of flour use oatmeal or something else you can't inhale.

Posted by Teresah 10 years ago

Fantastic game!

Except I have played this once with the flour and a child breathed in, inhaling flour. The poor kid was vomiting and coughing for an hour after woulds. It was quite awful. Of all the times I've played this game it's only happened once, but was enough for me not to do it again :/

Posted by Alyce 10 years ago

Errr... This game isnt aimed to have a certain Bible teaching/ verse. Its just a messy game desgined for extreme fun!

However, if you wanted a message you could always be really cheesey and corny and say-

"life can be really messy without God, there is sometimes a lot of yucky stuff in our life stopping us from getting to our goal that Jesus has planned for us... But if you dig down real hard and fight through the bad stuff with God by your side youll eventually find something sweet at the end of it all"

Just an idea :P

Posted by Dave Martin 12 years ago

What do you relate this back to as far as a lesson or verse?

Posted by Shannon 12 years ago

Hey there... Liking your game...

I once played something like this when i was youth age... Now im a youth worker and am using a simular game tomorrow infact :)

This is my version-

Same as yours except... The first stage is a bucket of abbples to bob for, 2nd round is eating a jelly baby or sweet out of a plate of flour, then finally eating a love heart out of a plate of golden syrup...

This is really messy and fun!

Just thought i could help expand your game :)

Have FUN!

Posted by Dave Martin 12 years ago
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