Banana Chomp Relay: Search

An active team-building icebreaker game for junior youth

How To Play Banana Chomp Relay: Search

Materials Needed

One Banana per player. Black permanent marker

As the teens get there, have them print their name on a list. This gives you the right spelling to put one name on each banana. As the Pastor or leader is giving the devotional, hide the bananas all over the place. It doesn't matter if they see you, because they won't know what you're doing anyway.

When it's time to play the youth group icebreaker game, divide the teens up into 4 teams and make sure they know the name of all their team mates. At the signal, they need to find their banana, and help their team mates find theirs. But each teen can only pick up the one with their name on it. They can yell at someone and tell them they found theirs, but each one has to pick up their own banana. The first team sitting with their banana wins.

See Banana Chomp 2 for the second part.

Added by
Lois Howell Missionary in Honduras
on 3 October 2008


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Trying this one tonight. My teens are a little hesitant.

Posted by Lennie 10 years ago

I will try this tomorrow night, but also with the rope idea. <3
Thanks guys!

Posted by Amber. 12 years ago

When i saw this i thought they were gonna eat the banana, that could be a good variation.

How about teams of four and the first team to eat all their banana's wins. One cant start until the other finishes

Posted by Shem 12 years ago

We played this game last night and the response was real good. Our group is new to games and they were very excited. I wrote the names on the bananas while they were visiting and "hid" them during the lesson and they all were very curious.
The kids loved the fact that their names were on a banana!

To inspire more teamwork we're going to do this variation next time:

Give each team a length of rope and they cannot let go as they are finding the bananas and the first team to make it back with all members and bananas wins.

Posted by Xandria 13 years ago
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