Balloon Frenzy

An active team-building game

How To Play Balloon Frenzy

Materials Needed

Balloons, all in one colour for Team one and in another colour for Team two, about 10 to 15 balloons for each team depending on the size of the teams

The aim of this balloon game is to knock the opposing teams balloons to the floor whilst keeping your own in the air.

Basically you have all the balloons for each team blow up their balloons and stand on opposite ends of the room. When the whistle is blown all the balloons must be launched into the air and cannot be held but only hit, like volley ball. As soon as a balloon hits the ground that balloon is eliminated (it is good to have runners to collect the sunken balloons)

The first team to sink all their opponents balloons to the ground is the winner.

We like to do this in rounds like the best of three, its a super fun balloon game!

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on 6 August 2009


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Sounds Fun

Posted by Anon 4 years ago

Can it be played individually?

Posted by Bichan 4 years ago

it may be best to limit how many people are able to knock the opposing teams balloons down and rather keep more back in their own side, just to be able to control the groups easier. otherwise awesome game!!!

Posted by Casey 7 years ago

I liike this game

Posted by Anon 9 years ago

hi......squirrel!!!!!the game sounds awesome

Posted by Coolbreeze 12 years ago

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Posted by denise 13 years ago

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Posted by 666layne666 13 years ago

sounds like an action packed game for my youth group!!!will definatly try it out...kiki[Dxpload]

Posted by 13 years ago

wonderful sure youth will love it!!!

Posted by dave n.a.c. sri lanka 13 years ago

yes , It looks a good one for me. youths! get ready to play a good game

Posted by dave 14 years ago

It sounds like alot of fun for little kids also right
please email me any time bye.

Posted by keylannie gonzalez 14 years ago
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