An active, team-building, wide game for junior youth

How To Play Bacon

An action oriented game good for medium and large sized groups. Similar to football and ultimate, two teams try to get the ?Bacon? to the other side of the field, the ?end zone? which results in a point.

Ages: 10 and up.

Recommended # of People: 10 and up (large groups work fine too!) dependant on field size + a Referee (who can play too if he likes)

Messiness factor: Might break a sweat!

Recommended Setting: Indoor Gym or Outdoor Field.

Setup: Set out 4 corners for the field boundaries on an open space using landmarks, shoes, backpacks, etc..

The Bacon: The bacon is an imaginary object like a football that one person must run into the end zone with on the other end of the field. It is best on a wide fairly large grass field ( i.e.. width of a full soccer field a quarter length)

You cannot pass the bacon. You can only take the Bacon from your opponent.
You cannot block or push your opponent out of the way so your team mate can avoid being tagged
When you tag the person with the Bacon you MUST call out ?BACON? to let everyone know who has the bacon.
No tag backs! You cannot tag the person who took the Bacon away from you.

How to Play:
Divide everyone into two teams and have them separate into opposite sides of the field. The game involves several rounds. For each round, the following takes place:

Each team separates into opposite sides of the field and faces their opponents. Make sure they know who is on their team.
The referee yells out to everyone that someone (from any team) has the Bacon. Example = ?ROBERT HAS THE BACON!!?
The game Begins:
- ?Robert? now attempts to run all the way to the enemies end zone without getting tagged by his opponents.
- If he reaches the end zone then he earns a point.
- If ?Robert? gets tagged by an opponent then the opponent must attempt to run back to the other side of the field to earn a point.
- When a team earns a point the opposing team walks back to the other end of the field.
Each the Bacon changes possession the referee should repeat the call out to say who has the Bacon
You end the game when you want to!


Have members of your own team run behind the person with the Bacon so that when they get caught the person behind them will run out and tag the opposing team who had just got the Bacon.

Use the sides of the fields to run up where you your opponents will all rush at you from one direction.


There is a variation where the bacon is an object or thing in the center of the field the two teams have to run out and touch
The first person to touch it calls out Bacon and must return to their own end zone.
If they do so successfully the obtain a point.
All other rules the same.


Fun, outdoors, active, team, strategy

Added by
George Hill
on 9 July 2011


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We tried this on Friday night, and everyone really enjoyed it - it's just a bit different from any of the other games that we usually play. The girls in the youth group particularly liked it, as most of our other games are ball-games, where the boys are stronger.

Posted by Iain Wright 9 years ago

well this is just like tag rugby so this ok but not that awsome! soz

Posted by 11 years ago

I started playing this last year with my group and it is now their favourite game! Every week that we play games, they always ask 'Can we play Bacon'!

Posted by Christie 11 years ago

I know it's a little difficult to understand through a description. I'll try and upload a video of an actual game. It really is an awesome game once you get the hang of it

Posted by George 12 years ago

This game sucks! JK :P [its awsome]

Posted by karmesth 12 years ago

Haha the "bacon" is an Imaginary Object!
For example the game tag, there is a special person who is it trying to catch others who are not.
In this game the person with the "bacon" is trying to avoid being tagged.
Like a football player tries to avoid being tackled.

Posted by George 12 years ago

I don't know if I get it but do you actually use Bacon? Cuz that would be sweet!

Posted by Jeff 12 years ago
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