Baby Burp

An active food game for junior youth

How To Play Baby Burp

Materials Needed

Soda, clothing to dress a teen as a baby and either baby bottles or empty water bottles.

You need two people per team, you can make as many teams as you like, and one person is the "parent" and the other is the "baby".

Set up on opposite ends of the room or playing area (the bigger the area the better) two stations. In one station place the babies bottles that have been filled with soda in the other place the clothing, which can be a cloth for a diaper and safety pins, a bib, and or a bonnet. Have the "parent" stand near the clothing station and the "baby" near the bottle station.

You start the game with the "babies" crawling to the "parent". Once they get there the "parent" has to dress the "baby". When the baby is dressed completely the parent runs for the bottle and has to run back to the baby and feed the baby with the baby sitting on their lap. Once the baby drinks the WHOLE bottle they have to burp. The first baby to burp wins.

**Note: It's much easier to burp when the soda is warm.

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on 7 May 2008


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Will go and do so!!!!:-)

Posted by beno 10 years ago

Im gona use this at uth grup 2nite. totly woseme

Posted by 11 years ago

I love this idea, going to use it when I lead the Grade 6-9 group on friday!

Posted by James M 11 years ago

Heya franks! Happy easter, christmas , birthday and new years

PS.. This game is Freak'n RAD!!! deff gona use it at youth tonight!!


Posted by Simone' 15 years ago
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