An active game for junior youth

How To Play Asteroids

Materials Needed

Lots of soft squishy balls that can be thrown at one another without too much pain!

About 1 per person is good, but more will work too!

This is a great game that is high energy, and can give kids (and leaders) an opportunity to vent their frustration!

Depending on numbers of balls and players, each player is issued with a ball at the start of the game. The object is to get other people out by hitting them with the ball (or asteroid). If they are hit, they must sit down where they were hit and "explode" by throwing all of their balls around the room immediately.

If a player catches another persons ball, they are out and have to sit down and explode all of their balls.

A player can come back in if while seated a ball comes near them and they pick it up.

You can get people back in, perhaps who have been out for a while by rolling a ball in their path.

To spice it up a bit, place objects in the room like tables tilted sideways, whiteboards, anything that can be used as a barrier.

Added by
Mike Wziontek
on 7 June 2009


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I'm not sure that how to play the game.please repeat it.tq.

Posted by daniel 8 years ago

I think we will play this game where you have to find a spot at the beginning of the game and can't take more than one step from that spot. This way we don't have students running around the room and bumping into one another... I think we have a 50' by 60' space so this should be perfect form our small group of 35. I'm excited to try it!

Posted by Daniel 10 years ago

This is different from the version I played as a kid, where kids had to run from one end of the gym (or outdoor A to B location) and avoid being touched by the person standing in the middle. Once touched you became an Asteroid and helped get others out. To make it really fun, instead of using hands or dodge balls to get people out, you had to spray them with shaving cream! Lots of fun!

Posted by Pete 10 years ago

T, thanks for the idea of using the newspaper. I am going to try it tonight with my youth.

Posted by Jen 11 years ago

do it with news paper

Posted by T 11 years ago

it is also popularly known as DODGE BALL GAME :)

the use of tables tilted sideways, whiteboards, anything that can be used as a barrier, can cause injuries...
i think it is not advisable

but it is good in outdoor :)

Posted by mk 12 years ago

I made a mistake, probably lasts around 10 minutes

Posted by Mike 12 years ago
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