Answer Race

An active game for junior youth and small groups and large groups

How To Play Answer Race

Materials Needed

Playing Cards (roughly one pack per 10 players)
Four sheets of questions

1. Prepare four sheets of questions. Each sheet represents one suit (diamond, hearts, clubs, spades). On each sheet write a question for each card value (Ace, King, Queen down to 2). So there will be 52 questions in total (for ESL questions see the Note below).

2. Give each player one random card.

3. When you say 'Go' they must find that card on one of the four sheets. When they find it they must read the question and return to you to tell you the answer. For example, if they receive 9 of Diamonds theny need to find the Diamonds sheet and look for the question against the number 9. Once they have answered correctly give them another card (make sure they keep their old cards) and the process repeats.

4. Keep going until you run out of cards or the time expires.

5. The winner is the one with the most cards at the end.

Note: I found this game here: They have some good ESL questions for different levels available for download.


1. It can get pretty crazy when multiple people are trying to give the answer at once. That can be fun... or you can have several 'listeners' who can also accept the answers. Or you could make them line up... but that will slow the game down.

2. You can play teams where one person from each team becomes the 'listener' and they must approve the answer. The total number of cards for all team members wins.

3. Spread the questions sheets around the room to get people running.


1. This is a great ESL game. Lots of talking and reading.

2. Allowing players to ask other players the answers is good practice.

3. Remove a card when a student speaks in their native language.



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