Amoeba Tag

An active, team-building, icebreaker, wide game

How To Play Amoeba Tag

If you don't know anything about science, an Amoeba is a type of cell that eats other cells by wrapping itself all the way around it, engulfing it to become its lunch (making the cell grow bigger). This is the basis for the Amoeba Tag game.

Start off the game by choosing 1 person to be 'it' and have a designated tag area for the game to run in, preferably a large open area (so the other youth can't hide behind, or run between small objects to evade).

This 'it' person must run around and tag people, and every-time the amoeba tags somebody they must hold hands to become 'part of the amoeba'. Now both of these people are 'it' and must remain connected at all times by holding hands, progressively more and more people will become part of the amoeba. In order to tag the next person, they must form a circle around them by holding hands (like a group hug). If anybody gets caught in the completed amoeba circle they must become part of it.

The trick is, the amoeba is allowed to run around as a chain (not a circle) in order to trap people in a corner. The other people are allowed to run through gaps in the chain, but if the amoeba is quick enough at forming a circle again around the player then he/she is caught.

The smaller amoebas are faster, but as it gets bigger it requires more teamwork and communication to work as a group to catch another person. Everybody in an amoeba must be holding hands and remain in a chain/circle at ALL TIMES.

A fun progression of this game? Start with two different amoeba's and watch the Chaos unfold.

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Matt Stieler
on 11 November 2014

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