AFL, Netball and Ping Pong

An active sports game

How To Play AFL, Netball and Ping Pong

Materials Needed

A plastic cup for each player and a ping pong ball

This game works a bit like AFL (Australian Football League) crossed with netball & ping pong. Each player has a plastic cup and this is the only thing they can touch the ball with. One player from each team stands on a chair at each end in a marked off area, with their cup, they are the goal. To score a goal the team must get the ball into this players cup. Like netball players aren't allowed to run with the ball and like AFL if players catch the ball in their cup on the full it is a 'mark' and other players have to move away and let them pass or shoot.

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on 17 September 2009


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Great starting piont for me - thanks

Posted by Marty Seelander 11 years ago

What does it mean 'on the full'? Like, if they catch it and it hasn't hit the ground yet?

Posted by Janelle 11 years ago

looking forward to trying this with our youth group tonight. Another favorite game we have played on some crazy night was all-in ping pong. everyone had a bat (as many bats as we had) and every one stood randomly around the room - tables grouped together in the middle - several ping pong balls all going at once made a crazy ten or fifteen minutes!

Posted by Glenda 13 years ago


Posted by Tealax 13 years ago
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