Aardvark Race

An active mini-olympics team-building game for small groups

How To Play Aardvark Race

Materials Needed

kidney beans, straws, bowls, people

Set the game up by having two lots of two bowls facing each other. One on one side of the room and one on the other side of the room.

Have two teams line up on one side of the room. Have each person in the team have a straw.

To start the game have the fist person inhale a bean in their straw. The bean will stay at the end of the straw as long as the person is inhaling air. The first player then has to crawl to the other bowl and blow about the bean into the bowl. If the person drops the bean in mid voyage the person has to suck it back off of the floor using their straw and continue. The team with the most beans at the end of the time limit wins!

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on 9 March 2012

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We used to play this as kids at my grandmother's house with chocolate smarties. (she had a lot of grandkids).

Posted by Rachael 12 years ago
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