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How To Play Camelot

1. Break into 2 even teams and put together the cards for both teams (depending on how many people are playing), they should be the same for both teams (it doesn't matter what you have, as long as there's a variety and there's the King and Jester, it will make more sense as it goes on).
2. Get the 2 teams to start on opposite ends of a large space (the bigger the better depending on how many people there are, basketball court is a good size).
3. Everyone on either team gets a card with a number on it (or a value if using regular pack of cards, joker is lowest, ace second lowest, then 2-10 and jack-king), the higher the number, the bigger the attack value.
4. Give the teams about 30s to talk strategies, from thereon in, there's no talking from anybody, save the jailer if they're setting tasks for people.
5. Once the game starts, the two teams are all in together, anybody can tip anybody on the opposing team. Once somebody has been tipped, or tips somebody else, the two players compare cards. The higher value card wins. The winner has to take the loser to jail (A set space marked out clearly) where the loser either has to wait a set amount of time (e.g 20s) or do a set task by the jailer (get creative with this, they could do exercises or build something). Once the jailed person has finished the task or waiting, they can go out and start tipping/ being tipped again. If the attack values are the same, shake hands and walk away. If you tip somebody on your team, face palm and walk away.
6. The game ends when the jester of one team tips or is tipped by the king of the other team. (The king beats everybody except the jester, and the jester is beaten by everybody except the king.)

If there's less than 10 players a team, leave out the prince, princess and peasant as they all go together. Only add in doubles of cards when there's already one of each in each team. Players aren't allowed to swap cards unless specified in the optional rules and you're playing them (the minstrel and the cavalry can swap cards if playing optional rules).

Optional: there are some optional rules printed on the back of the cards that I've put together, these aren't good to play with straight away as it adds confusion to the game. If there's anything unclear then just ask me.

Materials Needed

pack of regular cards or print out this template (you may need to go over some of the back instructions in felt tip pen as I found when I printed them they were too blurry to read). Fold the bottom section up, then that one up as well, if that makes sense, glue them and laminate them as they seem to get wrecked pretty easy... A set of cones, or something to mark out the jail area.

Submitted by Samuel on 16 Sep 2017 12:00:00

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