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Human Target

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How To Play Human Target

This is a very simple game (really an activity) which can be used to review information you have taught.

1. Choose your questions. I use this for my ESL class - ages 4 to 10. So the 'questions' are just flash cards with pictures on them. You could use it to review a bible story you have just taught or the camp rules or the dates for upcoming events or anything.

2. Ask a question of the whole group. When someone answers correctly give them a missile.

3. When you have asked enough questions have those with missiles stand up and prepare to throw them at the target.

4. What makes this game more fun is if *you* are the target. I hold a target in my mouth and then move around the room with the kids chasing me and throwing their paper missiles at me.

5. Sit the children down, collect all the missiles, and ask some more questions.


* It's probably pretty easy to make this game appealing to older kids. Use water bombs or some sort of missile that will be messy or hurt a little bit (use caution of course :-) And as the target use older boys or youth group leaders. Older kids will enjoy trying to throwing things.

* If you have a younger group of less than 15 students, give a missile to every child. Usually not every child will answer a question. That's ok. Just say 'I heard an answer from this side of the room' and give it to someone who is yet to receive a missile.

* Its good if you can take the target away when you are asking the questions, especially for younger kids. They will want to keep throwing at the target if it is visible.

* Having them throw at the target one by one is a good variation. But as my friend once said, "chaos is king", and having all missiles thrown at once is more exciting.

* For younger children you can repeat the same questions again.


* Satan and his fiery darts

Materials Needed

Target, One missile per person (paper balls, water balloons, ping pong balls, rubber bands, anything that doesn't hurt too much)


faith, Satan

Submitted by Andrew Rogers on 30 Nov 2015 12:00:00

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