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How To Play Dinosaurs

1. Choose one person to be the "Danger Alert" or choose an adult or a group leader or something. Give him or her the whistle/horn.

2. Tell the players that they are dinosaurs and there are adult dinosaurs and baby dinosaurs. The "Danger Alert" will tell you if there is something happening.

- If there is a rain (or something like that, anything as long if something is falling from the sky), Two adult dinosaurs must find each other make a formation like London Bridge and shield a baby dinosaur. The baby dinosaur must find two adults and sit underneath them.

- If there is flood (or something like that, as long as there is something on the ground), Baby dinosaurs must go to an adult dinosaur and stay with them.

3. Begin the game. Change the "Danger Alert" every turn. If you choose to be an adult Dinosaur, you must change the next turn and vice versa. You can end the game whenever they get tired.

Alternatively, you can play the game as an elimination round where the slowest group of dinosaurs to form after the danger alert will be eliminated.

Materials Needed

People, Anything that will get attention (Whistle, Horn, etc.), Large Playing Area.


Dinosaurs, Ice breakers, Team work.

Submitted by Heather on 1 Jan 2013 12:00:00

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I like this game it sounds like fun,so Im going to play it with my youth group

Posted by Alexus on 17 Mar 2013 at 4:37:08

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