45 Seconds

An active, wide, camp, sports game

How To Play 45 Seconds

Materials Needed

One (soft) ball, timer

This activity is very simple and can be used for a wide variety of ages.
1) The group splits up into pairs. One pair starts by going up to kick.
2) The rest of the group decides who will pitch the ball to the pair. Once a pitcher is selected, he/she rolls the ball to the pair.
3) When either of the duo kicks the ball, the game begins and the timer starts. (If someone catches the ball in mid-air, the pair is out immediately.)
4) The goal of a pair is to survive for as long as possible. They scramble around the play area, trying not to get hit by the ball.
5) The goal of the rest of the group is to get the two out. They can run to pick up the ball, but once they pick it up, they can no longer move until they throw the ball--whether to another player or at one of the pair.
6) If the runners come in physical contact with the ball in any way--even if it bounces off a wall and hits them--they are "out" and stand still. Fortunately, though, their partner can tag them and set them free.
7) When the timer reaches 45 seconds or both players are out at the same time, the round is officially over. If both partners remain at the end of the game, the pair gets two points. If only one survives, they get one point.
8) After this, another pair goes to kick. And the process continues.
9) When all pairs have had the opportunity to play, you can initiate another game, stop laying, or just mess around until everyone gets tired.
10) Have fun!

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We LOVE this game! it's perfect for middle school students! Sometimes we add the rule that the pair has to have their arms linked by the end of the 45 seconds, but that just depends on how many students we have to throw the ball at them. Our "play area" is just a gym floor, so we pick a corner that they kick from and then it's a chaotic free-for-all.

Posted by Becky 4 years ago

You play like kick ball and then you play an ultimate dodge ball game. Kids love it!

Posted by Leslie 4 years ago

I agree, need a little more details. Is this set up like kick ball and the pair keeps running around the bases until they are out or the timer is done? You said in #4, "they (the pair) scramble around the play area, trying not to get hit by the ball." What's the play area? Any space you choose, free space?

Love the game idea though! I may try this with my youth group!

Posted by Stephanie 4 years ago

its a nice game, we have fun. please send me some game to play in groups. thank you.

Posted by Boipu 7 years ago

The game sounds fun but...I still don't know how to play it with my friends and I need someone to explain it more. Please reply me ASAP,tqvm.

Posted by Honey10 7 years ago
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