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Moulder Ball

Action games

How To Play Moulder Ball

In this game there are seven or nine players. Three or Four people stand on one side of the trampoline and the three or four people stand on the other side of the trampoline. The last person stands jumping on the trampoline. Both sides stand about two meters from trampoline, and one meter from each other. Cones are set one meter from either end of the players, parallel to the trampoline, on both sides. The person in the middle is to remain jumping.

The aim of the game is to throw the deflated netball so that the ball skims on the trampoline, the person on the trampoline doesn't stop it and it gets past the people on the other side. If the ball passes the people on one side, whoever was closest goes out for three throws from their original side. i.e. six throws in total.) If the person in the middle catches/stops the ball they swap places with whoever throws it.

When an entire side is out, then whoever is on the opposite side gets one point. The person in the middle receives no points.

If the ball is thrown and it goes outside the cones then whoever threw it is out.

The uniqueness of this game is that though there is teams, they are constantly changing. Whoever has the most points after a set time wins.

This game was named after Nicholas Moulder. RIP Nick Moulder.

Materials Needed

1 decent sized trampoline
1 deflated netball
7 or 9 Players (not 6 or 8)

Submitted by Nick van Ruth on 19 Sep 2007 12:00:00

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