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Take Two!

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How To Play Take Two!

This is basically a quicker, more action-packed version of scrabble!

Get 4 players (or possibly 4 pairs/groups) to each start of in a corner of the room with 5 scrabble tiles. They must arrange these into adjoined words (similar to scrabble). As soon as they have a complete set (ie. no spare tiles left, all correct words) with the inital 5 tiles they must yell out "TAKE TWO!" and all players must run to the middle of the room to grab 2 more random tiles from the set.

The game continues and the players must now include the extra 2 tiles in their scrabble board. Again, once somebody has a complete set they yell "TAKE TWO!" and the process continues.

Obviously the game becomes more difficult when the players start falling behind and have lots of spare tiles to place, or when a death letter (X,Q with no U,Z) is picked up!

When there are no tiles left, the first player to complete their set wins!

Materials Needed

scrabble tiles

Submitted by Joel on 19 Feb 2008 12:00:00

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This is a good ESL activity. Playing in pairs or even triples is helpful for students who struggle with English. Or pair a good student with a struggling student.

I would also allow the competitors to take extra tiles whenever they want to.This may help them make other words if they get stuck.

Posted by Andrew on 25 Nov 2015 at 4:43:33

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