10-Second Hide and Seek

An active no prep game for junior youth and small groups

How To Play 10-Second Hide and Seek

Have you ever wanted to play hide and seek, but found that the playing space was simply too small for a good hiding spot? This game seeks to eliminate that problem, simply and effectively.

Really, it's a normal game of hide and seek; however, rather than spending as much time as they want searching for hiding players, the seeker only has ten seconds to run through the area and locate everyone who is hiding.

Of course, you can change the amount of time seekers are allowed to search to an extent that will fit the size of the area you're playing in.

Have fun!

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Freak the Geek
on 11 April 2016


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this is so fun i want to play more church games

Posted by Siyon 4 years ago

Major injuries occurred during this game.

Posted by The King 4 years ago
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