Messy Twister

An active food game

How To Play Messy Twister

Materials Needed

twister board (or paper plates), different coloured liquidish foods

This game is a classic messy food game! There are a few different ways to set it up:

  • Use a standard twister board
  • Use paper plates on lawn
  • Use a white plastic sheet
  • Do it directly on the floor or lawn

For each coloured dor you'll need to put a messy alternative. There a three messy alternatives listed below:


  • Red - tomato sauce
  • Blue - blue jelly, blue slime, blue berries
  • Green - pea soup, pea mixture, beans
  • Yellow - mustard

Or some alternative food colours:

  • White - flour
  • Pink - jelly crystals


Use coloured washable paints. Ensure the paints are suitable to be used on the human body.


If you have access to colour powder this can make for an epic game of messy twister.

Once you've set it all up - just play twister! You can use the official spinner (purchase the game from Amazon here) or just call out the colours you think will create the most chaos. When a player falls over, prepare for the mess to begin!

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on 11 November 2007


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My youth group is gonnna play it Fri night....Do you use a spinner? I think we are using ketchup, mustard, relish,and possibly blue toothpaste...and we are making it on a huge tarp, so we can have couple games going on....

Posted by Lauren 13 years ago

it comes in a jar

Posted by Cristina 14 years ago

Ooo that sounds awesome - where do you get "marshmellow cream" from? Or do you just need to mush up marshmellows together?

Posted by Shorty 15 years ago

I have done this yearly with my kids and they love it!
We tend to use things that stick more...peanut butter, marshmellow cream, and jams of all different kinds.

Posted by Elizabeth Bunten 15 years ago

playing twister with porridge and food colouring works well to, but is strongly recommended for outside or you will spend 3 hours cleaning the floor ( TRUST ME)

Posted by jono_lebis 16 years ago
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