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Junior youth games Small group games Circle games

How To Play Tap

1. Have everyone gather around a table or flat surface.

2. Have players place each of their hands on a table or surface.

3. Each hand needs to cross over or under the hand of the person next to them (this needs to be done on both sides). Bob's right hand should cross over or under Cind's left hand. Bob's left hand should cross over or under Joe's right hand, etc.

4. Pick a person to start (everyone needs to be aware of who is starting the game).

5. The starting player quickly taps their hand on the table.

6. Going counter clockwise each player taps their hand quickly one at a time. This is to be done in a sequence as fast as possible. If a player hesitates or taps their hand out of order, that hand is out. This can be decided through democracy or a referee.

Additional Rules-

Double-tap- If someone double taps that means the order has reversed, meaning instead of going counter clockwise, people would begin taping their hands in a clockwise direction.

Fist- If someone does a fist (rather than a tap) that means the next hand in the sequence is skipped. If the person who should have been skipped moves their hand, that hand is out. If the person who should actually tap doesn't, that hand is out.

Game continues until either two players are left and you can restart or the two remaining players can duel it out. Same rules apply but it can be confusing for people to keep track of what happens when you double-tap and fist with just two people.

This game can work great with as few as five and as many as around 10.

Materials Needed

No materials needed.

Submitted by Michael on 29 Sep 2018 12:00:00

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