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Action Netball

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How To Play Action Netball

You get 2 chairs sitting on the opposite ends of the playing area.
Then you separate your group into 2 teams.

To play the game:
The ref (leader with a whistle) starts everyone in the middle then throws the ball up and the team that grabs the ball starts.
If the ball is in your hand you can only move one leg.
If you don’t have the ball you can run around however you would like.
If you have the ball and your next to the chair you sit on it that’s how you win and get a point

Materials Needed

Any kind of ball like a soccer or beachball
The beachball adds a challenge
A field or court of any size my youth group plays on a field that’s like a third of a basketball court.
It really depends on how many people are playing


Communication, teamwork, team building

Submitted by Himerman66 on 3 Aug 2018 12:00:00

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