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Group Yourselves

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How To Play Group Yourselves

This game is excellent for a group of any size. This game is very similar to Captain's Orders, but its a lot simpler. This game can become very tiring, based on the size of the field or room.

The goal of the game is to become the last one/or two depending on the announcer.

There needs to be a clear area for movement. Let everyone scatter around the area.

The announcer says "Group yourselves into groups of '__'." Then the people have to group themselves by that certain number that was announced. For example: If the announcer says "Group yourselves into groups of 4!", then people would group themselves into groups of 4 in which there would be multiple groups. Then after everyone is grouped up, they would scatter once again.

If there are a larger amount of people, then it would be better to start with the larger numbers first. In a situation in which there is an even number of people left, it's better to use an odd number to group themselves in. That way, some people would get eliminated. There is a habit of some people to group up with the same exact people as last round, so make sure that they are scattered.

Another variation of this game would be, to have music playing and making the people just walk around, almost like music chairs, and then have the announcer say (when the announcer wants to) "Group yourselves" to randomize the groups.

The fun parts of the game are when people panic and can't find a group, and they get out because they're the ones that couldn't find one.

Submitted by Joshua Puyat on 28 Oct 2017 12:00:00

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