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Lifesavers Relay

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How To Play Lifesavers Relay

1) At youth group, break everyone into three teams. If you are at a camp and have a group system, divide them into those groups.

2) Put each team into a straight line and give each person a tooth pick. Hand each person at the back of a line a Lifesaver.

3) The youth must place the toothpicks in their mouths, with the tip sticking out. Everyone in front of the person with the Lifesaver must face him/her.

4) On the count of three, the person at the back puts the Lifesaver on the toothpick and tries to pass it to the next person's toothpick...using their mouth only.

5) If the Lifesaver is successfully passed to the next person, they must turn around and repeat the process with the person in front of them, and so on.

6) If a Lifesaver falls, the team must start over with another Lifesaver.

7) If the person in front successfully receives the Lifesaver, their group wins and gets the remainder of the Lifesavers!

8) To make the game more challenging, you can make them run a little bit to the next person without dropping the Lifesaver. Of course, this would mean you would have to narrow down the number of people in each group.

Materials Needed

One bag of Lifesavers candy--more if you have a very large group
Number of toothpicks depending on group size

Submitted by Freak the Geek on 29 Nov 2015 12:00:00

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