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Big Ball Volleyball

Action games Team building games Sport games

How To Play Big Ball Volleyball

1. Sort your youth group into two teams and then move them to the volleyball court laid out earlier.

2. With one of the BIG balls the teams play normal volley ball, eliminations. So no points are awarded but the team left standing is the winner of the round.

3. RULES: Now a team member is out: if the ball hits the ground closest to them, if they fail to get it over the net and it hits the ground, or if it is their fault even though a player tries to save an un-savable hit.

4. Spiking is permitted - and is good strategy to be used especially when no one can see it coming.

5. Serving the ball must be conducted behind the back line of the players side of the court. ALL ways to get the ball over the wall is permitted but no holding or grabbing the ball.

6. When people are out they can be brought back in IF their team hits the opposing floor with the ball on the full (without hitting anything after being hit by the player.

This game continues until one team is left standing and they win that round, you can modify to play in with your program but we usually swap sides every round or so.

The cost is only to buy the BIG bouncy balls, pretty much when you have the bouncy balls you can use them again ad again to play this game.

Other than that make sure the balls aren't too hard to prevent injury and HAVE FUN!!!

Materials Needed

Court Laid out (using masking tape, or duct tape)
Big moveable black walls (or something to block players view of the opposition) to be placed in the middle of the court [used as the net]
2 BIG bouncy balls (the bigger the better)



Submitted by Moppy on 4 Jul 2012 12:00:00

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Not what I was looking for

Posted by Wolf on 4 Jun 2018 at 4:12:55

What type of balls are used exactly? Weighted balls?

Posted by Beverly on 15 Feb 2019 at 1:54:17

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