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I Am Going To And I'm Bringing

Relaxing games Circle games

How To Play I Am Going To And I'm Bringing

This is a guessing game. If there are fewer than ten people in the group, one person thinks of a word - if there are 10 people or more, two people think of a word together, without the rest of the group knowing what the word is. They should sit at opposite ends of the circle, so that clues are only given once every few turns. One of them gives the first clue by saying, "I am going to" ... "and I am bringing" - something that starts with the first letter of the word. Participants then try to guess the next letter of the word by saying, "I'm going to" ... " and I'm bringing" - something that starts with what they think is the next letter of the word. If they guess correctly, the leader(s) says, "Yes, you can come," but if they guess incorrectly, the leader says, "No, you can't come."

You can adapt this game to the seasons of the year by changing the location of where you are going to - for example, during Lent, you can say, "I am going through the desert," or "I am going to Jerusalem," or in Advent you can say, "I am going to Bethlehem," or during the season before Pentecost, you can say, "I am going to the Upper Room to pray with the Apostles," etc.

SAMPLE: The word is "Christmas"

Start: I am going to Bethlehem and I'm bringing a cat."

1st Guess: I am going to Bethlehem and I'm bringing an apple."

Response: NO, you can't come.

2nd Guess: I am going to Bethlehem and I'm bringing a hat.

Response: Yes, you can come.
This signifies to the whole group that the second letter has been guessed correctly, and now they use the same process to guess the third letter.
Once they have it, they then continue around the circle until they get the fourth letter, and so on, until someone guesses the word. That person becomes the next leader.

VARIATIONS - it might not be a word - it might be an action. For example, the leader might put his finger on his chin, and only let people come who put their finger on their chin. To make the game more interesting, you can mix it up between words and actions - the kids now have to figure out whether they are guessing a word, or an action. They might also decide to have the clues end with the letter that needs to be guessed, instead of starting with that letter. Let the kids get creative with this.

Materials Needed

Something for kids to sit on - they should be roughly in a circle, and close enough together to be able to hear each other. Develops language skills, listening skills, and deductive reasoning.

Submitted by Judith McRae on 16 Apr 2011 12:00:00

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Very difficult game nonetheless very interesting.

Posted by Jose Pinedz on 18 Dec 2018 at 3:33:16

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