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Find a Wordle

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How To Play Find a Wordle

"A different type of find a word"

This website allows you to generate cool 'wordles'. They are like a word cloud where the size of word is in proportion to its usage.

The site allows you to generate your own Wordle in many different formats. I have used them as a find a word variation.

1. Use a Bible program to the get the text for a larger section of scripture - maybe a whole chapter - that you are studying.

2. Copy that into the Wordle site and let it generate a Wordle for you.

3. Put the generated Wordle and your Bible passage onto a single page of paper.

4. Highlight the words in the passage that you want the kids to find in the Wordle. Although this would seem fairly simple, depending on the number of words and the layout of the Wordle, it can be quite difficult.

5. Use the normal incentives to keep the kids focused - first person to find a specific word gets a prize, first finished, work in pairs etc.

Materials Needed

Preparation requires a word processor, printer and internet.

View Source - Submitted by Andrew Rogers on 20 Mar 2011 12:00:00

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