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Guess Who's Under The Blankets

Relaxing games Junior youth games

How To Play Guess Who's Under The Blankets

This game can be played with 2-? players, but it is best with 4-10. Players take turns being the guesser. The guesser goes out of the room while the other players each hide under a blanket separately. They might sit in weird positions and place pillows around them to look like someone else. They also can make a few dummies out of pillows and other objects and cover them with blankets as well.

When everyone is well hidden under a blanket, they all shout, "We're ready!" Then the guesser comes in and tries to decipher who is under which blanket. The players are very quiet. The guesser may not touch the blankets, but can listen, feel any warmth coming from them, and even say funny things to try to get the players to laugh.

When the guesser thinks he knows who is under which, and which are dummies, he tells them his guess. When he says,"that is my final answer", everyone bursts out, and the guesser sees which ones he got right. That is one round, and the guesser switches and it is repeated. You could keep score, although we usually don't.

Sometimes we do interesting things with this game, like attaching a string to a dummy and pulling it from a pile beside it to make it look like its breathing. One neat thing about this game is that if you cover yourself with too many pillows, it will get very hot underneath, so that deters people from being too well hidden.

Materials Needed

Blankets(different colors or designs), pillows, other objects, couches(or it could be played on the floor, although it might be less comfortable)

Submitted by Stephanie on 11 Feb 2010 12:00:00

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