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Ultimate Soccer

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How To Play Ultimate Soccer

Each team selects a "goalie" who will stand on a platform. The goal is to get the soccer ball to the "goalie". The ball can be moved with your feet, like in soccer, by passing it, or by dribbling it, like basketball. No one may at any time run or walk with the ball in their hands. In order to make a point, a team must throw the ball to the "goalie", and he must catch it in the air.

After a point is made the "goalie" hands the ball to a player from the opposite team to throw the ball back and continue playing.

The game works well with and without an "out of bounds", but I have found it best to just use generalities, i.e. have an out of bounds, but be lenient on enforcing it.

The game works best when it's moving, so the less interference, the better.

With larger groups, multiple balls keep the tempo up.

Tackling and holding are rules left to the discretion of the youth leader.

Materials Needed

2 platforms (for large groups, we use huge electrical spools, but smaller groups can use metal folding chairs), and a soccer ball.

Submitted by Caleb Schaaf on 7 Nov 2009 12:00:00

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We often use exercise balls on a large field for this game.

Posted by Sal on 10 Nov 2014 at 12:28:33

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