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How To Play Cabbage

I made this game up as a child with my friends but played it with a tennis ball and ice lolly sticks. I've switched it up so its more practical for everyone else.

Stack up a pile of cones tall enough to knock over with a tennis ball. The first person to throw stands about a metre away from the cones and attempts to knock the cones over. Everyone else must stand around the person throwing (in like a semi-circle) waiting until the stack is knocked over. Once the stack is knocked over the player must shout out "CABBAGE" and then stack the cones back up first before taking a dodgeball and getting people out and join their team. Once CABBAGE has been shouted, everyone must run away (in the playing area marked out) and avoid being hit with the dodgeball. If hit, they must join the player on their side and help get others on their team. Last person standing wins and becomes the next person to throw.

If you're playing with a smaller group who are a little older (teens), play with just using a stack of ice lolly sticks to make it harder

Materials Needed

stack of cones, dodgeballs, tennis ball


tag, dodegball, fun

Submitted by Rhianna on 18 Jul 2019 12:00:00

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