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Sitting Soccer

Team building games Relaxing games Icebreaker games Sport games

How To Play Sitting Soccer

Score the soccer ball on one end of the line WITHOUT letting one's back-side leave the chair.

To start this game have the each student bring their own chair to the assigned open area. Next have the students line up their chairs in 2 rows facing each other allowing 2-3 feet between the two rows. Upon completion just ask the students to choose someplace, it is alright if they choose to sit with friends but encourage them to sit next to someone they don't know.

How to play the game is easy. One row tries to score by pushing the ball to one side, while the other side tries to push the ball in the opposite direction. You score by finally pushing the ball past the end of the row. The students are not allow to let their back-sides leave their chairs.
To start only use one ball to play. Drop the ball in the middle of the rows and allow the students to go at it in an attempt to score.
To make the game more challenging use two (2) soccer balls. All the same rules and objectives apply

Materials Needed

1 or 2 Soccer Balls, Chairs (metal folding chairs are best)

Submitted by asiankyle on 16 Jun 2013 12:00:00

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