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Scoop Ball Lacrosse

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How To Play Scoop Ball Lacrosse

Basic Rules: Pass the ball teammate to teammate and try to score a goal for your team (lacrosse-style)

Explanation: All you need is a bunch of "scoop ball" sets. You can find them everywhere this time of year. You can pick up a set for $1. If you wait until the end of the summer you might even be able to get them for less!! You will need at least 6 sets, so you have 2 team of 6 players. If you have more students and a larger area you can make the teams as big as you want. A team identifying suggestion is to buy 2 different colored scoops.

You will also need 2 goals. You can use anything you like for a goal. I would suggest something upright to throw though, not into. We use an ultimate Frisbee circle (see above). A hanging hoola hoop, hockey goals or even basket ball hoops are a few other options.

The rules of the game are very simple each team is trying get the ball into their goal. The ball is passed from person to person using only the "scoop". You can play full running style similar to a real game of lacrosse and the ball is scooped, passed, and shot with no real stop in the game. A second safer option is to play "ultimate Frisbee-style" where each player has 2 steps to either pass or shoot. If the ball hits the ground team possession changes. Both version it also optional if you want to have a goalie or not. One other suggestion to keep things from getting out of hand you can also include "fouls" where team possession switches for unnecessary roughness or contact.

It is just a fun easy game that can easily become your groups next big thing for the summer every time you get together or have a tournament if it really catches on.

Materials Needed

"Scoop ball" sets, 2 goals, a way to identify teams and large play area


Team Building, Fun

View Source - Submitted by Dan: JH Uth Guy on 15 Nov 2012 12:00:00

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