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Team Bump

Action games Team building games Junior youth games Sport games

How To Play Team Bump

Divide group into 2 teams and have them stand on opposite sides of basketball hoop in parallel lines. If playing on a basketball court, have them line up along the sidelines with the start of the line at the baseline that the hoop is at.

The people at the start of each line begin with a basketball each and meet in front of the hoop (free shot line) and paper-scissors-rock to determine who shoots first.

After the first shot is thrown, it's a free-for-all between the 2 players until somebody gets their ball in, at which point the balls are passed to the next 2 people in line and both players who were just shooting go to the back of the line of the person who won.

This continues until there is only one line, and that team is the ultimate winner.

A good alternative to bump as the youth are always involved, whereas with bump, they get out and have to wait for something else to do.

Materials Needed

2 basketballs & basketball hoop

Submitted by Matty on 21 Oct 2009 12:00:00

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Great game. I like it. And I love games that keep everyone in.
Thanks :)

Posted by Linda Bailey on 17 Nov 2009 at 4:01:25

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