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Activity guide for families in self-isolation and quarantine for coronavirus (COVID-19)

A resource of games, activities and ideas to keep your family and children entertained and educated

The coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic has brought about unprecedented scenarios for individuals and families throughout the world. Impacted countries are enforcing and recommending self-isolation and social distancing, which is meaning workers are working remotely from home and children are locked out from schools, childcare and kindergartens. So now families all over the world are essentially stuck at home in quarantine, keeping their social distance from others around them.

Which brings forth the questions: How will families keep their kids entertained? How will everyone avoid going stir crazy from being house-bound in quarantine? What activities could parents do with their children to make the most of the time together? Are their educational ideas or games that might help fill the gap left from missing school?

To help everyone out - we’ve developed this useful resource. Click through the following topics for plenty of games and activities to keep you going through Covid-19 self-isolation.

Fun family activities and games to play in house quarantine

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Educational games and activities for school aged children and families in self isolation

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Educational games and activities for preschool children and families in self isolation

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