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Chinese Dodgeball

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How To Play Chinese Dodgeball

This is a game that you will want to play in an open area such as outside or in a Gymnasium. The goal of the game is to single highhandedly get everyone else with out going down yourself. It is a good mix for if you have athletic students and others that can't go as long. It is suggested to have at least 10 players. However, it can be played with less but is much more fun with larger groups.

It is a no teams dodge-ball game, everyone starts out on the edge of the boundary or against the wall with the balls in the middle and when the leader yells/whistles the start the students run for the balls. Once some one has a ball they are aloud to take tree steps before they have to throw the ball. So the key is to pick it up and throw it before people have time to run away.

If some one is hit they sit down right where they are. If the ball carrier has run out of steps they can call the name of a person sitting down and have them hold the ball for them. They can then run free and then call on that person again for them to throw the ball back. Once the thrower has the ball back he/she now have three more steps. The sitter can only hold one ball at a time and can not be partial. That is even if the thrower is the one that got them down, they have to hold his/her ball and try to give it back to that same person.

When the person is hit by a ball and goes down all of the people that he/she got down stand back up and are now in the game. In addition any balls that they were holding for other people become theirs to use. If some one goes down and still has a ball being held by a sitter the sitter gives the ball the first standing person to run up an d claim it. If a ball is caught the thrower has to sit down even if it was intercepted while it was being given to a sitter. The sitter has to try to get the ball back to it's owner when he/she calls for it. However, interceptions by other runners are allowed.

Depending on your youths' abilities compared to each others' this game can be from 10 minutes to over an hour. It is a lot of fun and will ware out your more active students and still let your less active students have fun and not be tired trying to keep up.

Materials Needed

at least 2 balls (dodge balls or volley balls work best)

Submitted by Nathaniel Van Patten on 18 Feb 2015 12:00:00

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2 Comments Add a comment »

Para 2 above:
"Aloud" used instead of "Allowed" and "Tree" used instead of "Three" as in (3)?
Is the game also a typo-call-out?

Posted by college on 17 Mar 2015 at 10:37:33

He also said "some one" instead of "someone" I guess that makes this game just unplayable

Posted by Nathaniel Van Patten on 21 May 2015 at 4:11:12

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