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  • Relaxing gamesIcebreaker games
  • Teams: All On All
  • Time: 5 - 10 mins
  • Cost: No cost
  • Mess: No Mess
  • Location: Play anywhere
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Mingle Mingle Mingle

Relaxing games, Icebreaker games

This is a good youth group game to get kids mingling together and to help kids to get to know one another better. It might provide good conversation starters for kids later on.

Get the whole group together. The leader running the game calls out a category question (for example - what is your favourite colour?). Everyone in the group would then have to start calling out their favourite colour to each other and find the others in the group who have the same favourite colour as them.

When a player finds another player who has the same answer as them they then join together (by linking arms) and continue to go round the group looking for more people with the same answer. After a minute or so (completely up to the leader running the game) the leader can call "STOP". Each group needs to call out their answer. If there are two people/groups who have the same answer but are not linked together then they are eliminated from the next round. Or alternatively, to keep everyone involved, you can give each kid five wrapped lollies or popsticks to start with and if they lose one each time this happens.

Be creative with the questions you ask:
- Favourite pizza topping
- Favourite ice cream flavour
- Favourite TV show
- Favourite band
- Favourite book of the Bible

View Source - Submitted by Shorty on 24 Feb 2013 - Search for more games submitted by Shorty.



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